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Pieta for Kolbenka: A memorial fl ea market with selected items by young artists and designers

Dirty pictures by dirty illustrators Nikola Logosová and Zuzana Bramborová


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Celebrating the aesthetics of recycled matter, a jewel becomes an autonomous entity in the work of Nela Britaňáková and BcA Linda Vondrová.


Lukáš Prokop, the author of the visual side of h5io, Æthereal Arthropod's latest album, will offer a limited edition of a tape including an interactive video game and an art object.

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Limited collection of pilgrim's coats that transfers tradition into the urban environment, a collaboration of Lucie Kralikova (known from her projects Efemér and Czechia) and fashion designer Hana Kubešová.


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07. 09. 2018

Insub Meta Orchestra, a large international ensemble, will perform in MeetFactory on Nov. 1st

We are grateful for the support of Swiss organizations Nicati De Luze, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung and cantons Vaud and Geneva, thanks to which we can welcome in Prague the international improvisation ensemble Insub Meta Orchestra. They will perform in on Thursday 1st of November in MeetFactory.

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Alternativa meets Genot Centre: Noise market at Kolbenka

The first Alternativa concert will take place on Saturday, October 27th in Collbenka 1704. Inspired by fruitful colabs with talented local promoters of the last couple Alternativa editions, we have invited Ondrej Lasak (Genot Centre) to take care of the line up for the night.

The "noise market" will introduce the biggest names in the contemporary digital noise scene, among them Æthereal Arthropod, Renick Bell, Jemh Circs or Ewa Justka. Before the music show, there will be an art trash flea market, inspired by the traditional flea markets of the Kolbenka district.

Event of Facebook is here.

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